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At Nuthall St Patrick’s Church Hall I help my friend Gavin with the Men’s breakfast. He does the cooking.

Councillor Stephen Green continued

At home I check to see if my Dad is re-cycling. My mum has told me what to re-cycle.

I successfully represented Kimberley Leisure Centre, at the Special Olympics in the Moorways Leisure Centre, Derby. Later receiving an unexpected letter of commendation from the Department of the Navy, US support force, Antarctica which reads as follows:

For services as set forth in the following citation

“As a participant in the East Midlands “Special Olympics” you displayed unsurpassed enthusiasm and motivation which resulted in your winning of three gold and two silver medals.

Your courage, patience and perseverance has set an example for all to strive for. This was proven again when you attained your goal to swim 90 miles. Truly a noteworthy achievement.

On behalf of all the Chief Petty Officers at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, we wish to extend to you our sincere congratulations for your OUTSTANDING accomplishments as you continue to reach your goals. You have shown everyone that no matter what the obstacles, nothing is impossible. Best wishes from the Antarctic Chief Officer’s Association. You are truly a CHAMPION.

Brian P. Willsie


I was elected because no one else volunteered. This was my second try and lots of reporters interviewed me because I am the first parish councillor in this country with my condition. If you google “Stephen Green Nuthall” you can find lots of information from all over the world.

(Stephen’s friend Sasha) ... But with his accomplishments aside and looking at Stephen through my eyes he is a warm and considerate person who smiles a lot and is brimming with enthusiasm for life. He is like any one of us except that he has Down’s Syndrome. He has a tremendous sense of humour, he hurts inside when someone upsets him because he simply cannot understand why anyone would want to use hurtful words, and he feels for the plight of others, eager to help where he’s able and loves to make people laugh. He has never had a bad word or thought about anyone... and there lays the magic of Stephen...his thoughts. He thinks. He lives. He loves. He learns.

On the Parish Council I want to help everyone as much as I can, my Dad is my helper and I don’t like shouting and arguing.

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